Ayodhya will host India’s largest mosque, inaugurated with the first prayer by the Imam from Mecca.

The inauguration of the Ram Temple is scheduled for January 22, 2024, in Ayodhya. Meanwhile, there’s news of laying the foundation stone for a mosque in Ayodhya before Ramadan, with the first prayer to be led by Imam Abdul Rahman Al Sudais from Mecca.

BJP leader Haji Arafat Sheikh shared this information with Dainik Bhaskar on Friday. Haji Arafat Sheikh has been appointed as the Chairman of the Mosque Development Committee. He mentioned that the mosque will be named Mohammad Bin Abdullah in honor of Prophet Muhammad.

The mosque, located about 25 km from Ayodhya, is set to become India’s largest mosque. It will house the world’s largest Quran, measuring 21 feet in height and 36 feet in width, with each page opening up to 18 feet.

Babar brought a bow and arrow, he’s not our idol. The committee chairman stated, “We don’t consider Babar our idol; he came to our country with weapons. We are believers in serving the needy and respecting prophets.” The government provided us with 5 acres of land, and the project will span 11 acres.

Within the mosque complex, a cancer hospital will be built, offering free treatment to people of all faiths. Schools, museums, and libraries will also be established. A veg kitchen will provide free meals, and five colleges in engineering, medical, dental, etc., will be built. A larger aquarium than Dubai’s is planned.

The foundation will be laid before Ramadan, with the first prayer led by Imam Abdul Rahman Al Sudais. Donations can be made through a QR code on our website. People can choose to contribute to the mosque, cancer hospital, or colleges.

The mosque’s structure will surpass the Taj Mahal in beauty, adorned with grand fountains that come to life in the evening. It will be open to people of all religions. Abdul Rahman Al Sudais, born in 1961 in Kasim City, Mecca, will lead the first prayer.

The UP government allocated land for the mosque, adhering to the Supreme Court’s decision on the Ram Janmabhoomi dispute. On February 5th, the Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust was established for the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya.

On the same day, the UP government allocated 5 acres of land in Dhannipur village for the mosque.The Sunni Waqf Board accepted the 5-acre land granted by the government. In October, the Ayodhya Development Authority approved the mosque’s layout in Dhannipur village. Later, the layout was shown to the Sunni Central Waqf Board.

People can donate through a website with a QR code, selecting whether they want to contribute to the mosque, cancer hospital, or colleges. The mosque’s structure will be more beautiful than the Taj Mahal, featuring large fountains. The project aims to promote love and unity in the country.

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