What is FASTag and what are its benefits?

FASTag is an electronic toll payment system that facilitates the payment of highway toll tax in India. FASTag users affix a radio-frequency based RFID chip on the windshield of their vehicle which is linked to their bank account. When the user enters the car lane at the toll booth, a scanner on one round of the toll plaza reads the chip information of the FASTag and automatically deducts the toll amount from the user’s bank account.

In this way, FASTag saves the user from the complications of paying money at toll plazas and reduces traffic jams.What is FASTag and how does it work? How is FASTag recharged? For which vehicles FASTag is necessary? What to do if the FASTag is damaged? Today we will tell about all these information in detail.

What is FASTag and how does it work? :-

Often you must have noticed that toll tax is collected from the vehicles running on the National Highway and you also have to pass through the traffic jam due to this. To solve this by the central government, FASTag was made mandatory across the country from the midnight of 15 February 2021.FASTag is an electronic toll system created by NHAI (National Highway Authority of India).

Actually FASTag is just like a sticker which is placed on the front window screen of your vehicle. It is based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technic. It is a type of tag that is placed on the window screen of all vehicles. is applied. This FASTag is linked to your bank account or your wallet.Its advantage is also that whenever you cross the toll plaza, you do not have to stop and pay the toll tax. And it also saves your precious time.

FASTag mounted on your vehicle enables toll payment through scanner in a convenient and secure manner. And this tax is directly deposited in the account of Govt.

Whenever a vehicle passes through the toll plaza, on reaching near the boom barrier fitted in the toll plaza, the camera RFID reader fitted in the boom barrier scans the bar code of the FASTag fitted in the vehicle and all the data available in that FASTag Scans and money is deducted from your FASTag wallet and only after that the boom barrier opens and you can proceed with your vehicle, all this process takes only a few seconds.

What is the purpose of FASTag? :-

Its main objective is to collect the country’s toll tax electronically. This scheme is implemented by (IHML, Indian Highway Management Limited). The payment system behind this is National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC, National Electronic Toll Collection) and it is being run by NPCI.

FASTag aims to ease road traffic, thereby reducing traffic jams and saving time on the roads. With FASTag, motorists do not have to stand in long queues at toll booths and have the convenience of making non-stop toll payments. Also, being technology based, FASTag does not require cash to pay toll which promotes road safety.

What are the benefits of FASTag? :-

FASTag is a digital method that facilitates the payment of toll tax on Indian highways. Following are some of the benefits:

• Paying at toll plazas through FASTag reduces the time spent in queues. This is especially helpful in long journeys to save time.

• Cashless Transaction (Online payment) will increase with this fastag system.

• Without FASTag details it is not possible to make payment at toll plaza, thus reducing the risk of theft. In addition, FASTag provides updates about your account from time to time, which helps you stay connected with the status of your account.

• With FASTag you will not have to wait long at the toll plaza.

• Paying toll through FASTag reduces traffic jams and also reduces fuel consumption, thereby reducing air pollution generated by vehicles.

• With this technology the vehicle owner can easily track his vehicle. Whenever his vehicle passes through the toll plaza, then the vehicle owner will come to know.

• With the remaining money in FASTag Wallet, you will be able to use it for 5 years.

• Petrol diesel of the vehicle will also be saved.

• Will be able to get rid of the problems of looting.

• FASTag will also get rid of the problem of illegal recovery and will also come in road accidents.

• In this you also get the facility of SMS alert facility.

• Toll tax of Rs 275 for one month will have to be paid by the drivers of all the villages coming within the radius of about 20 kilometers around the National Highway. For this, they will be able to get this benefit with the help of their Aadhaar card.

• Toll operators get a lot of ease from this.

• The problem of overloading in toll plaza is less.

• You also get the facility of cashback in FASTag. You get cashback from the balance in FASTag. This cashback comes to the FASTag bank in about 7 days.

Different FASTags used in different vehicles :-

• If you use a private car, then your fastag is of purple color.

• Fastag is of orange color for small business vehicles.

• Fastag black color is used for heavy vehicles or machinery vehicles.

• For 2 axle and 3 axle vehicles green color and yellow color of fastening are used respectively.

• Fastag pink color is used for 4,5 and 6 axle vehicles.

• Sky colored FASTag is used for 7Axle vehicles.

Where can I get Fastag? :-

• You can also get FASTag from the FASTag booth built along with the toll plaza.

• You can also buy Fastag from online websites like – Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Paytm etc. Banks and elsewhere you will find this Fastag petrol pump also available.

• There are 22 banks in India that provide such RFID FASTag IDs.

How to do FASTag recharge? :-

• You can recharge Fastag with credit card card, debit card, UPI, net banking.

• While recharging fastag, it must be checked whether your fastag is linked to your bank account or not.

• You can easily recharge your FASTag with FASTag applications like Park+, MY FASTag, FaSTAG etc. You can recharge your fastag by visiting fastag.ihmcl.com. This application will be easily available to you on the Play Store.

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How to apply RFID FASTag? :-

• This RFID FASTag is given different colors for different vehicles.

• Place the FASTag in the middle of the wind screen of the vehicle. Your RFID is on the back side of this sticker.

• Which you have to put on the window screen of your vehicle from inside the vehicle. Apply in the wind sheet of the vehicle from inside only. And this fastag has to be installed in the vehicle from the inside.

• You should apply this sticker on the clean screen of the vehicle. If you are applying this sticker to the vehicle, apply it carefully.

• This fastag is different for each vehicle.• Same FASTag cannot be used in different vehicles.

• If your FASTag is not in good condition or it explodes while applying, then it is of no use, so you must buy another FASTag.

• Take proper precautions before affixing the FASTag to the vehicle.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) fitted in FASTag which is linked to your account, your toll tax will be deducted whenever you pass through the toll plaza. Now your toll will be deducted from fastag itself, if you have not installed your fastag, then you may have to face heavy jam because fastag has been made necessary. If you enter the FASTag lane without RFID in the toll plaza, you will have to pay double the toll. You will have to pay Rs 400 instead of Rs 200.

What are the rules of Fastag application? : –

For recharging the Fastag bank account, the amount ranges from a minimum of Rs 100 to a maximum of Rs 1 lakh. Apart from this, whenever you want, you can easily get FASTag from such toll plaza or online application from the bank. If you want to get Fastag, then you can easily get its information from the official website of National Highways Authority of India.

You can also open your Fastag account from the Fastag application, in which you have to login and fill the information asked. Fastag application MY FASTag which is designed by Indian Highway Management Company Limited can be installed. With its help, you can easily buy Fastag. And you can easily recharge your fastag through UPI payment.

Some important information about FASTag :-

• Fastag was implemented in the country from the year 2014.

• Initially it was implemented on the highway toll tax plazas falling between Mumbai and Ahmedabad in India.

• Till now, almost all National Highway toll plazas have started collecting toll through FASTag itself, which has become mandatory.

• It has been clearly stated by the Ministry of Road Transport that it has become mandatory for the drivers of new four-wheelers purchased after the year 2019 to fastag.

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